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Meet Our Intuit Core Team

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ROGER HAND, Intuit Channel Sales Manager

Roger is our dedicated Intuit Channel Sales Manager and handles all pre or post sales related matters. You may also verify our Intuit credentials by contacting Roger directly.

Office:  (520) 901-6563  Email:  Roger_Hand@Intuit.com

GEORGE MADENIAN, Intuit Payment Solutions Sales Manager

George and his team handle all of our merchant account needs, including processing in QuickBooks Financial Software, QuickBooks POS, and GoPayment Mobile Processing solutions.  Feel free to contact him directly by mentioning SBS.

Office:  (818) 436-8158    Email:  George_Madeniani@Intuit.com

AMBER BURKE, Intuit Payroll Specialist

Amber is our dedicated Intuit Payroll Specialist. She handles all our pre and post Intuit Payroll sales related matters. Amber can review all the available payroll offers with you and provide a payroll analysis.  Feel free to contact her directly by mentioning SBS.

Office:  520-848-5649    Email:   Amber_Burke@intuit.com

SHARON BITONDO comes to SBS with 20 years of experience as an business owner, office manager and more recently as a bookkeeper.  She has extensive experience in a variety of industries and QuickBooks versions.

At SBS, Sharon is our first point of contact, leads our Bookkeeping team and is always happy to assist in any way she can!

Office:  (201) 664-6319 x 105  Email:  sb@sbsassociates.com

Meet Our SBS Core Team

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KATHLEEN FELICCIA also a founding partner of the firm, has extensive experience with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and developing custom reports using data extracted from QuickBooks.  She has worked with many not-for-profit organizations and fully understands the complex needs of the industry.  She also has extensive experience working with Pharmaceuticals, including a 10 year SBS engagement at a top 10 Pharma company solving for Departmental Budget  reporting using QuickBooks.

Kathy's past credentials include Director of Information Systems for a prominent not-for-profit organization, Manager of Information Systems for a New York based CPA firm, and Controllerships of both a leading software vendor as well as a national distribution company.  


At SBS, Kathleen concentrates on the Sales and Marketing aspects of the business.

Office:  (201) 664-6319 x 102  Email:  kf@sbsassociates.com

PAULETTE DREHER is a founding partner of the firm and has served in a variety of roles throughout the years.  Paulette has extensive experience with database customization and 3rd party integrations that allow users to out-stretch the out of the box features in QuickBooks.  She has extensive Inventory Management experience in Retail as well as in the Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution industries.  

Paulette held various management positions prior to founding SBS, including Assistant Controller, Accounting Manager and Payroll Manager. She gained extensive experience spearheading needs analysis, software evaluation, system conversion and implementation projects for an international software vendor. 

At SBS, Paulette manages the Technical and Operations side of the business.

Office:  (201) 664-6319 x 101  Email:  pd@sbsassociates.com